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Henry Reichhold at Terminal 5

Posted by , 19 July 2014

Henry Reichhold is renowned for capturing the true spirit of all of his subjects, be it members of the English National Ballet, cityscapes or large panoramic images. His work has taken him around the world and most recently he was asked to photograph positive aspects of life in Lagos, Nigeria.

lagos makeup

Reichhold decided to turn his attention to Lagos Fashion Week to highlight its atmosphere, creativity and unique style. Rather than focus on traditional fashion and catwalk photography, Reichold explored what went on backstage and front of house to get a true view of the event. Through the heat and constant power cuts, the make-up artists carried out their craft by mobile phone light whilst photographers out front displayed pure solidarity as they crammed into the too tight space allocated to them by security.


The dazzling colours, the orchestrated chaos and the vibrancy of Lagos fashion week as captured by Reichhold is on display at  Heathrow Terminal 5 from today (19th July) and will run for eight weeks.

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