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Summer Landscape

Art print by Pierre Auguste Renoir #305871

About the artist

Born in Limoge in France in 1841, Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a leading painter in the Impressionist style. Renoir’s paintings were characterised by their vibrant light and saturated colours; he suggested the details of his scenes and portraits through an array of free and feathery brushstrokes, figures softly fusing with one another and their surroundings. These prints make a beautiful addition to any home.

Pierre Auguste Renoir
Pierre Auguste Renoir


Anonymous . Verified

1 month ago

This beautiful summer landscape is gracing my living room. The excellent quality of the framing and the materials is what makes it stand out as an example of the expert craftsmanship used in all the prints they frame. I am a returning customer and highly recommend this firm. They have a vast selection of art to choose from and it arrives in impeccable condition.

Shana J. Verified

I can't recommend this company highly enough. They are so professional in what they do, the prints are always of an exceptional quality and you can trust them 100%.